CII-TNTDPC and ISERDIndia Presents

Panel Discussion on Software Patents

Date : 28th May 2021

Time : 05:30pm - 7:30pm 

Key Takeaways

What is eligible subject matter?

How can clarity rejections be avoided?

How does a claim need to be written to be acceptable?

Case example of applications filed in front of the JPO and EPO with differentiating outcome and advice

Key Discussion Points

How can you get protection for your Software and AI-related inventions?

When is software eligible subject matter and are the requirements different per jurisdiction (Japan, Germany, etc.)?

What clarity requirements are imposed on software inventions and how to overcome them?

What is the inventive step requirement for software inventions?

How are AI-related inventions treated by the law and how can they be protected?

Who Should Attend?

The program is designed for IP Professionals working in Mechanical/Automotive and General Engineering Sector domains, IP Managers, Attorneys, Patent Professionals, Innovation Officers, Intellectual Property Directors, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Inventors, Researchers, Paralegals, Trainees in Research/Technology Organization.