Become a certified  IP Expert!

Intellectual Property Rights

Olympiad 2.0

National IPR Olympiad 2.0

Key Takeaways

National Level Recognition and Certification

Internship opportunities to the top rankers

Testing of mental competency in the form IP basics, Logical Reasoning and Aptitude

Questions on General Science and Technology

Exam Features

Helps you learn and excel in the knowledge of Intellectual Property

National Level recognition and certification

Teaches you how to reap the monetary benefits of your creations globally

Chance to get a train with national IP experts vis-à-vis mentoring on how to protect your innovation from getting copied away

Chance to intern under best IP experts of the country and prepare for Patent Agent Exam

Give you an edge over everyone else in the competitive job market

Who Should Attend?

IPR Olympiad 2.0 is a nationwide online examination designed for school/ college students, researchers, teachers, and IP professionals to celebrate the genre of intellectual property (IP) with the vision of promoting technical and innovative skills by checking the mental competency to generate awareness and create curiosity amongst students, entrepreneurs, start-ups, individuals, in-house legal corporates, and other individuals who are connected directly or indirectly to IPR.