Certificate Course

Introduction to Sustainable Development Theory and Practices in 21st Century 

For students or professionals or academicians

Key Takeaways

Get an in-depth understanding of Sustainable Development

Ready to read documents for understanding basic approaches to the subject

Overall understanding of concepts in a time oriented flexible approach for participants

On the go chat feature for doubt session with subject experts

Flexibility for course completion and assessments

Certification on clearing the assessment duly signed by the course instructor

Course Outcomes

Introduction to Sustainable Development

Meaning and approaches to the study of Sustainability and Development

Historical analysis of Gender Diversity and their role as a carrying capacity agent to Sustainability

Parameters of Sustainable Development Practices in the 21st Century

Inclusion of Society, Culture and Biological parameters

Inter- Generational Equity and Justice at Global, National and Regional Levels

 Various approaches to the study of Development (Economic, Social and Environmental)

Positivist and Multi- Dimensional Approach to Sustainability

Comparison of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Product (GNP) with the Human Development Index (HDI) for economies at Global Levels

 The Eco- system approach to the study of Sustainable Development

Issues and Challenges involved in the Sustainable Development Practices in the 21st Century

 Integration of Scientific and Traditional knowledge for Sustainable Development

Who Should Attend?

Students, academicians, researchers, and environmentalists who want to understand the basics and approach to the study of Sustainable Development. The course has been designed for beginners who want to pursue their career in the study of parameters subject to the Sustainable Development theory and practices in the 21st Century.