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A Book for Patent Agent Examination Paper 2 (Online Access) 

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About ShikshaMaitri?

Shiksha Maitri (A product of ISERDIndia Analytics)  is an attempt in achieving wisdom through self- reliance, with an objective of making education a self- realization and a fundamental means in achieving the full human potential; with a primary objective to achieve social and economic mobility, inclusion and equality, initiatives must be taken to transform the current learning ecosystem of the country where much of the focus is on preparing a mindset for clearing examinations rather than enabling a learning module from early stage to the higher levels of education.

For our various courses and webinar workshops, we have partnered with experts from top universities, law firms, patent and Trademark agents, IP heads from top MNC's and many more.

Contents of the  BOOK

  • Chapter 1 - Overview of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Chapter 2 - Patents
  • Chapter 3 - Role of Prior Art Searches (Just for Knowledge Purpose no need for the exam)
  • Chapter 4 – Preparation, Filing, and Prosecution of Patent Application at Indian Patent Office
  • Chapter 5 – Filing of International Patent Application
  • Chapter - 6 Patent Specification 
  • Chapter 7 – Title 
  • Chapter 8 – Field of Invention
  • Chapter 9 – Background of Invention
  • Chapter 10 – The object of Invention
  • Chapter 11 – Summary of Invention
  • Chapter 12 – Brief Description of Drawings
  • Chapter 13 – Detailed Description of Invention
  • Chapter 14 – Abstract
  • Chapter 15 – Claims
  • Chapter 16 - FER


  • Early bird discounts valid, if enrolled before 14th Jan 2023
  • Access to this Book will be valid till 31st March 2024
  • Refund Policy: As applicable, no refunds will be made after the purchase.